Animals! Philip’s Animal Garden

exotic bird in enclosure at animal garden

Philip’s Animal Garden ( might be the best place to visit on the island. It is an amazing nonprofit rescue environment for exotic animals that have been abandoned or abused. Our whole family visited and were entranced with the animals and hand-built enclosures. Philip builds all of the shelters and some are very ingenious. We all got to feed most of the animals, and my son LOVED it.

Feeding the baby goats at animal gardenFeeding the baby goats

Philip gave us a personal tour (we didn’t know him, just what he does) and gave us info & answered our questions about each animal. The animals are always changing depending on who needs rescuing and who has been released. I definitely wouldn’t miss this. I don’t know what his education on animals is, but this man has a natural gift.

feeding a camel at animal garden

entrance to animal garden

Tip: It’s super hot there, not a lot of shade, so bring water & sunscreen! Also bring some cash, you are going to want to donate – trust me.

photo of exotic bird in enclosure at animal garden